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Immersive Gaming: Unleashing the Metaverse

Unleashing the Power of VFX in Gladiators Verse! Our team meticulously placed characters on green screen and seamlessly integrated them into the game’s breathtaking virtual environments. Through our cutting-edge visual effects, players can immerse themselves in epic battles, while our realistic UI design enhances the overall gaming experience. From lifelike character animations to stunning special effects, our VFX work in Gladiators Verse elevates the game to a new level of excitement and engagement. Join the battle, and experience the next generation of gaming with Gladiators Verse!”



Faizan Anwar


Cast: Saba & Jawad
Director: Faizan Anwar
DoP: Hamza Baig
CG Lead: Shahroz Ahmed
Unreal Engine artist: Abdul Rehman
VFX and compositing : Mohammad Saim


Through real-time light match and Unreal Engine wizardry, we transformed the virtual metaverse of Gladiators Verse into a breathtaking reality. With seamless visual effects, we expertly placed characters on green screen, integrated UI elements, and created a perfectly executed cinematic experience. The outcome will prove very attractive to the potential investors and players who will be visiting the game website and stumbling upon this video.

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