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Turn to a professional 3D animation studio to handle your project! At FUSE, we are an award-winning studio equipped with an expert team of 3D animators.
We focus on bringing your vision for your products and services to life! From texture, to lighting, we utilize professional animation software to provide custom 3D animation services.


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3D Logo Animation Services

Make your logo come alive with MovingStone’s animation expertise. From sleek intros to dynamic motion graphics, we craft animated branding solutions that leave a lasting impression.

Animated Logo Design

Transform your logo into a visual storyteller. Our animated logo designs bring your brand to life with dynamic and engaging motion.  

Logo Reveal Animation

Create anticipation with a logo reveal. Our animation builds suspense and intrigue, adding a touch of cinematic flair to your brand presentation.

Logo Motion Graphics

Infuse energy into your brand with motion graphics. Our animated logos add dynamism, making your visual identity memorable and impactful.

3D Logo Intro

Step into the third dimension. Our 3D logo intros bring depth and sophistication, making your brand stand out with immersive visual experiences.

Animated Branding Solutions

Redefine brand dynamics with animated solutions. From logos to comprehensive branding, we add motion to your visual identity, making it dynamic and memorable.

Animated Taglines or Slogans

In addition to animating the logo itself, services may include the creation of dynamic animations for taglines or slogans associated with the brand.

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Product Visualization

Movingstone Digital is a well-known 3D animation studio that offers exceptional product visualization services that bring your products to life through stunning 3D imagery. 

2D/3D Motion Graphics

Immerse your audience in captivating storytelling with our animated short films. At Movingstone Digital, we have a passion for weaving narratives that resonate  

3D Tracking & Compositing

Achieve seamless integration between the real world and digital realm with our advanced 3D tracking and compositing services at Movingstone

About Movingstone Digital

Movingstone Digital is a cutting-edge 3D animation studio that specializes in delivering top-tier visual experiences across various industries. As a powerhouse of innovation, we offer a comprehensive range of services to bring your vision to life.

Our talented team of experts excels in VFX/CGI, 2D/3D motion graphics, and live-action production, creating captivating visual stories that leave a lasting impact. From TVCs, DVCs, and documentaries to mesmerizing post-production work, our dedication to excellence ensures a seamless and engaging final product.

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3d animation studio

Several steps are involved in animating a logo:


  • Conceptualization: Choose an animation style (such as morphing effects, basic motion, etc.) that complements the identity of your brand.


  • Design Preparation: Make sure your logo is in a vector-based program such as Adobe Illustrator, and that it is in an animation-ready format.


  • Storyboarding: Arrange the flow of motion or changes that your logo will experience.


  • Animation Software: To produce the animation, use tools comparable to Adobe After Effects or other animation software.


  • Execution: Use effects, transitions, and keyframe animations to make your logo come to life.


  • Testing and Fine-Tuning: Examine the animation and make necessary adjustments to timing, effects, and transitions to produce a finished output.


  • Export: To use your animated logo in a variety of media, save it in the proper format.


Remember, simplicity often works best for logo animations, ensuring clarity and brand recognition.

What are logos in animation?

Logos in animation refer to the animated representations of a company’s or brand’s visual identity. These dynamic logos use motion, effects, or alterations to give static brand emblems life.


Using movement, transitions, and visual storytelling, animated logos provide a brand a more lively and compelling visual identity. They frequently open or close commercials, films, and presentations, acting as a striking and memorable opening or closing.


These animations can be as basic as rotations or fades, or they can be more intricate and creatively alter or evolve the logo’s features. Through dynamic visual storytelling, animated logos seek to improve brand recognition, elicit strong feelings from the viewer, and create a lasting impression.

Many websites provide tools for animating logos without the need for complex animation knowledge. Easy-to-use animation capabilities and pre-designed templates are available via user-friendly interfaces on platforms such as Adobe Spark, Renderforest, and Canva.


A variety of animation styles and effects are available in Adobe Spark, enabling users to produce logo animations that appear professional. For a variety of branding requirements, Renderforest offers customisable logo animation templates with a range of styles and animations. With Canva’s animation function, customers can use the user-friendly tools on the platform to create simple yet impactful logo animations.


With the ability to create captivating visual material and experiment with logo animations without requiring sophisticated software or design expertise, these websites usually provide both free and premium versions.

How can I animate my image?

Utilizing software or internet resources that facilitate image animation is necessary to animate a picture. For example, frame-by-frame animation is possible with Adobe Photoshop. Create movement or transitions by manipulating the layers that you import as part of your image.


As an alternative, easily navigable interfaces for animating photographs can be found on websites such as LunaPic and Giphy. Use their animation tools to add effects, make loops, or create basic animations by uploading your image.


Using programs like Pixaloop or Plotaverse is an additional choice that enables you to enhance still photos with dynamic components like motion, loops, or overlays to produce a more captivating and eye-catching outcome.


Try experimenting with these tools and adjusting different parts of your picture to create effects or movement that will give it an animated appearance.

What are 7 types of logos?

The seven types of logos include:


  • Wordmark or Logotype: Is entirely focused on typography and uses the name of the brand in a unique font style.


  • Lettermark: Utilizes initials or acronym of the brand, often stylized creatively for recognition.


  • Pictorial Mark: Aims for rapid recognition by incorporating a graphic or symbol that represents the brand without any text.


  • Abstract Mark: Uses an ethereal shape or form to communicate ideals or brand identity.


  • Mascot: Contains a personification of the brand’s essence or a symbol of its intended market.


  • Combination Marks: Offer versatility and brand identification by combining text with an icon or symbol.

Emblem: Implies a traditional or formal appearance by combining text and a symbol inside a limited shape or structure.

Who needs logo animation?

Logo animation has advantages for a range of people and organizations:


  • Businesses: To improve brand awareness and engagement, businesses of all sizes employ logo animation in presentations, social media posts, and marketing materials.


  • Content Creators: To establish a polished and enduring brand presence in their videos, influencers, YouTubers, and content creators use logo animations.


  • Marketing firms: To add visual appeal and innovation to campaigns, advertising and marketing firms employ logo animations. This helps to draw in and hold the attention of target audiences.


  • Event Organizers: To improve their branding efforts, event organizers and planners use logo animations in presentations and promotional materials.

Teachers: To strengthen their branding and visually engage students, educational institutions and instructors incorporate animated logos into presentations and e-learning materials.

Why is logo animation good?

There are various benefits to logo animation.


  • Enhanced Brand Recognition: By grabbing viewers’ attention, animated logos help brands become more recognized and memorable.


  • Enhanced Interaction: Interactive logo animations draw in and hold the attention of viewers, enhancing audience participation in films or presentations.


  • Professionalism and Modernity: Animated logos give off a polished, up-to-date impression while also keeping firms abreast of emerging design trends.


  • Visual Storytelling: Through imaginative storytelling, animations can successfully reinforce brand messages, values, or tales.


  • Versatility: Animated logos increase brand visibility across channels by adapting to a variety of platforms and mediums, including social media and video content.

Strong First Impressions: An animated logo that is well-designed makes a good first impression and leaves viewers with a favorable opinion of the business.

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