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Turn to a professional 3D animation studio to handle your project! At FUSE, we are an award-winning studio equipped with an expert team of 3D animators.
We focus on bringing your vision for your products and services to life! From texture, to lighting, we utilize professional animation software to provide custom 3D animation services.


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3D Product Animation Services

Revolutionise your product presentation. Explore our exceptional product animations, where creativity meets precision to showcase your brand in a league of its own.

3D Product Animation

Immerse your product in a 3D spectacle! Our wizards make it pop with cool animations, bringing out every detail for you to show off with a wow.

Packaging Animation

Spice up your packaging game! Our animation crew turns it into a visual fiesta, making your package as cool as what’s inside—grabbing attention in style.


Tell your product's story, but make it fun! Our video gurus simplify the techie stuff, so your audience not only gets it but enjoys the ride.

Product Visualization

See your product in action! Our artists create a 3D dreamland, making your features stand out in a way that’s not just seen but felt.

Product Demo Videos

Lights, camera, action—your product steals the show! Our animators turn it into a superstar, letting everyone see its moves and fall in love.

Product Walkthrough Animation

Take a stroll through your product's world! Our animated guides spill the secrets, giving your audience the grand tour and making it an adventure, not a sales pitch.

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Product Visualization

Movingstone Digital is a well-known 3D animation studio that offers exceptional product visualization services that bring your products to life through stunning 3D imagery. 

2D/3D Motion Graphics

Immerse your audience in captivating storytelling with our animated short films. At Movingstone Digital, we have a passion for weaving narratives that resonate  

3D Tracking & Compositing

Achieve seamless integration between the real world and digital realm with our advanced 3D tracking and compositing services at Movingstone

About Movingstone Digital

Movingstone Digital is a cutting-edge 3D animation studio that specializes in delivering top-tier visual experiences across various industries. As a powerhouse of innovation, we offer a comprehensive range of services to bring your vision to life.

Our talented team of experts excels in VFX/CGI, 2D/3D motion graphics, and live-action production, creating captivating visual stories that leave a lasting impact. From TVCs, DVCs, and documentaries to mesmerizing post-production work, our dedication to excellence ensures a seamless and engaging final product.

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3d animation studio

What is animation in marketing?

Using graphics, animation, and visual storytelling approaches to engage audiences, sell products, and deliver messages are all part of marketing animation. It uses dynamic graphics, animated characters, and engrossing storylines to tell brand stories, highlight features, or simplify difficult ideas in an approachable and enjoyable manner.


Animations are used in marketing in a variety of ways, such as explainer videos, motion graphics, and animated advertisements. They draw in customers, improve brand memory, and demystify information to make it easier for them to understand and remember. 


Because of animation’s adaptability, brands can express their creativity, establish a personal connection with their audience, and differentiate themselves in a congested digital space. In the end, animation in marketing is a potent instrument that may boost conversions, stimulate customer interaction, and leave a lasting impression.

What is a brand animation?

A brand animation is an animated piece of material that dynamically conveys the identity, values, and messaging of a brand. It includes the use of animated logos, motion graphics, and narrative components to capture the spirit and personality of a brand.


Using a brand’s colors, typography, and overall design language, this type of animation seeks to visually capture the essence of the brand through moving images. Brand animations are used in a variety of marketing contexts, including presentations, social media, websites, and ads, in order to strengthen audience recognition, arouse feelings, and provide a memorable experience.


Brand animations transcend static pictures by utilizing movement and creativity. This helps brands to connect with their audience on a deeper level, improve brand recall, and stand out in a crowded market.

What is production design in animation?

Product design in animation refers to the process of conceptualizing and visualizing products through animated representations. It entails employing animation techniques to present a product’s qualities, capabilities, and design elements in an interesting and captivating way.


This type of animation is used to illustrate a product’s value proposition, features, and operation. In animation, product design frequently entails producing intricate and lifelike 3D models, animations, or simulations that showcase the advantages, potential uses, and internal mechanisms of the product.


Designers may more effectively convey intricate product features, enhance user comprehension, and produce dynamic experiences that draw in prospective clients by utilizing animation. In animation, product design is essential to marketing tactics because it allows companies to draw in viewers, spark curiosity, and highlight the benefits and distinctive qualities of their products.

What is production in 2D animation?

In 2D animation, production is putting together and making animated material with two-dimensional methods and resources. This phase consists of several steps, including storyboarding, which involves planning important scenes and sequences, and character, background, and asset production.


During the production process, animators use rigging and puppeting techniques for more effective motion or software to produce frame-by-frame animations that bring static imagery to life. During this stage, audio components like music and voice overs are also included to improve the narrative.


Every component is painstakingly honed and coordinated to guarantee a unified and aesthetically pleasing finished result. In order to create engrossing narratives and visually stimulating content, 2D animation production requires meticulous attention to detail, inventiveness, and technical proficiency.

What is production VFX?

Production VFX (Visual Effects) involves the integration of computer-generated imagery (CGI) and digital manipulation into live-action footage or environments. It includes a number of phases, from initial pre-production planning through the incorporation of visual effects into the finished video.


Specialized software and techniques are utilized during production visual effects (VFX) to develop and refine digital elements that enhance or complement live-action situations. This entails incorporating objects into a scene that are challenging, hazardous, or impractical to represent realistically, such as animals, settings, explosions, or other changes.


In order to maintain visual consistency and improve the overall storytelling, VFX artists work closely with directors, cinematographers, and production teams to achieve seamless integration of these aspects. In order to create realistic and captivating visual upgrades inside the live-action film, the production VFX stage involves technical expertise, creative vision, and painstaking attention to detail.

What is product design in movies?

In movies, “product design” refers to the development and presentation of distinctive, frequently fictitious features that are essential to the narrative. It entails creating and designing sets, costumes, cars, gadgets, props, and any other tangible or visual component that supports the world-building and storyline of the film.


These designs are crucial for creating the visual identity of the movie, increasing viewer immersion, and expressing the setting, era, or fantastical aspects of the plot. A combination of technical expertise, artistic vision, and knowledge of the aesthetic and narrative demands of the film are needed for product design in motion pictures. 


To bring these visual components to life, designers work together with filmmakers, production designers, and other creatives to make sure they complement the film’s overall vision and strength as a storyteller.

Why is product animation important?

Product animation is very important because it’s a great way to show off things, explain how they work, and get people interested in them. It makes it possible to create engrossing visual narratives that dynamically and engagingly highlight a product’s features, benefits, and distinctiveness.


This type of animation makes difficult ideas more approachable and understandable for viewers by simplifying them. It improves marketing campaigns, product presentations, and educational materials, which helps people communicate and comprehend the value proposition of the product better.


Brands can grab viewers’ attention, arouse feelings, and create a lasting impression by using animation to bring items to life. By effectively showcasing the benefits and features of the product, it promotes engagement, fosters a closer relationship with customers, and eventually affects their decision to buy.

Why is animation important?

Animation holds immense importance due to its versatile and compelling nature in storytelling, communication, and entertainment. It provides a worldwide medium for the visually captivating communication of intricate ideas, feelings, and stories that surpasses language borders.


Animation is a very effective tool for the marketing, entertainment, and education sectors since it captivates viewers of all ages. Vibrant images and engaging stories help to clarify difficult ideas, remove obstacles to comprehension, and spark the imagination.


Additionally, it helps firms to stand out in a congested digital market, emotionally connect with viewers, and convey their individuality. Animation in entertainment encourages imagination and pushes creative boundaries. Its versatility in a range of media from TV shows and commercials to instructional materials and video games highlights its importance in contemporary communication and its capacity to connect with a wide range of audiences throughout the world.

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