Small Rock, Big Impact

For our second anniversay, the team brought a live action miniature video to life, capturing the magic of a moving stone on a table with the perfect combination of fans for wind effects and lights for thunder and lightning fluctuations.

Our team crafted each detail, from the movement of the stone to the realistic effects of wind and lightning, to create a miniature world that came alive on screen. Through our expertise in cinematography, practical effects, and visual storytelling, we were able to create a visually striking video that left a lasting impression on viewers.



Director: Mahmood-ul-Hasan
DoP: Muhammad Ali Zaib
Editor: Faizan Anwar, Obaid Kamran
Team: Karum Kayani, Mohammad Saim, Mohsin Abbas


Our live action miniature video is a testament to our ability to produce highly effective and visually captivating content on a small scale budget. By leveraging our expertise in practical effects, creative storytelling, and efficient production techniques, we were able to deliver a high-quality video that exceeded expectations without breaking the bank.

With our cost-effective approach, we demonstrate our commitment to helping our clients achieve their vision and goals while optimizing their budget. Our ability to produce visually compelling content with limited resources showcases our efficiency and resourcefulness in delivering outstanding results. By partnering with us, clients can benefit from our ability to stretch their budget without compromising on quality or impact.

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